The Best Free Resources To Grow Your Twitter Following

November, 2022

This is a living document. I'll keep adding resources as I find them. If you know of one which should be included here, send it to me on Twitter @averywlittle!

The best free resources for growing on Twitter:

Twitter's own analytics 🔗

Twitter's analytics page provides from useful insight for free. You can see your top tweets for a month long period, but not longer than that, or across multiple months. It's limited, but it helped me see that the more I tweeted the more followers I would get. It has a nice little trend line that showcases your follower growth for the month. By the way, that's a nice visual to share with your audience!

The Ultimate Twitter Growth Guide 🔗

This is a free guide from TweetHunter which goes into some not so obvious strategies for growing on Twitter from scratch. It shares the idea that not all audiences are of equal value, and you should focus on audience quality rather than sheer size.

The tw500 Newsletter Course 🔗

This is a great newsletter course for building your twitter following from scratch. It will walk you through the very basics, with each installment spaced out for you to follow along with. A great course by Bruno Raljic.

TweetSort! 🔗

The TweetSort tool is free to use, and lets you study the best performing content from any account you want. I've written a whole article on how to leverage TweetSort completely: How to use TweetSort to grow your Twitter account

Paid Resources

There are a couple paid resources I wanted to share in case those might interest you:

Everyone Can Build A Twitter Audience 🔗

I personally found this course super valuable for answering the question: "What do people want to see on Twitter?" Daniel's career and projects are really interesting, and he has a story to share that I love to follow. His advice for how to tell your own story gives you an awesome framework for executing a Twitter strategy.

Xnapper 🔗

Being visual on Twitter is a great way to drive engagement. People like shiny things. Xnapper, and products like it, gives you a way to add a bit of flash and neatness to your graphics on Twitter. Having a clean background to your visuals, effectively framing them, helps your stand out on the timeline.