How To Use TweetSort To Grow Your Twitter Audience

November, 2022

The Pareto principle teaches us that ~80% of consequences come from ~20% of the causes. In regards to Twitter, 20% of your tweets will be your highest engagement tweets, and another 20% will be your lowest performing. Then there's the in between area, but we're concerned with the highest ~20% zone, and primarily with increasing that percentage and driving higher results from that percentage.

Engagement isn't the most valuable metric when it comes to growing on Twitter. The most important thing is to cultivate not just followers, but a high quality audience. But, getting higher levels of engagement will help get your content to those high quality audience members, and help convert them from your tweets to your profile, and then from your profile to your blog, email list, product etc.

Here's how TweetSort can help you drive engagement, and build a high quality audience, for free:

Learn from accounts in the niche you are targeting

You know your niche better than anyone. Who are your favorite or most valuable follows? Who's ideas can't you get enough of? Make a list, and view their best performing content on TweetSort.

Scroll through the pages and find patterns. How do they drive engagement? Which of their tweets do you view as most valuable? How can you replicate that?

Learn what you can from these accounts, take the good and remove the bad, and let it influence your style a bit. Don't just copy and paste... that's lazy and you won't be building a valuable audience that way. The lesson here is this content is available for you for free. Take advantage of it!

Find good accounts to network with

Lots of accounts tweet about problems they are facing. Maybe it's a business or personal problem, and just maybe you have experience with it!

Find these tweets on TweetSort and learn about challenges people in your niche are facing.

Use this information to craft tweets which address these challenges. Provide value to your audience in a high quality way.

You can also network with these users via a well crafted reply. This can help you go from unknown to known quickly if the user you're replying to has a big or high quality audience.

Another way you can be authentic and network is to directly message these accounts on Twitter with your experience and learnings regarding the challenges they've posted about. This might earn you a high quality follow, as well as a potential long term partner in the Twitter game.

Stay inspired by your favorite accounts

One of the reasons I follow people on Twitter is because they have succeeded where I wish to one day. Looking these people up on TweetSort can help you see the path they took to get to that point. I can really help to see some of their earlier thoughts about their projects or challenges. And you can see how they might have changed strategies or solved problems for their audience in the past.

Study your own top tweets

Viewing your own best performing content on TweetSort can help you recap which of your content drives engagement and profile views. This can inform your future content topics and strategies. Whatever you're doing that's working... do more of it! Leverage that 20% of top performing content.

One way you can squeeze more engagement out of your best performing content, is to retweet it! Especially if you've gained a lot of followers who may have not seen that content yet. Recycling high value content can help keep giving value to your audience. You can also add a comment or two in a quote tweet if you have anything to add to that topic today.

Wrapping Up

These strategies will help refine your 20% top performing content on Twitter. Over time, you can provide serious value to your audience and find traction in your niche. If this article was useful, please consider following me on Twitter @averywlittle. I'd love to hear your thoughts or about your journey!