How To Monetize Your Twitter Account

November, 2022

If you're asking how to make money on twitter, then you might be starting backwards from where people usually start. For most, the hard part isn't having a product to sell or an email list to grow, it's building a high quality, engaging audience on Twitter. So before we answer the question, let's establish some things.

Do you have a large audience?

Have you already built a large audience? Have you been on Twitter for a long time? If you have over 1,000 followers, you might be ready to monetize already! And if you've been on Twitter for more than a couple years, then you probably already have a sense of what content performs well, and how to play the Twitter 'game'.

Do you have an engaged audience?

Another factor in effectiveness of monetization is the 'quality' of your audience. A higher quality audience of 1,000 followers will be worth more than a low quality audience of 10,000. You've probably already seen this on Twitter, where accounts with tens of thousands of followers barely get a few likes on their tweets. This can be a signal of a high bot count in their followers.

Yes, audience size helps, but if your audience is routinely engaging in your content, then that's a sign they find your content valuable. That's a sign of high trust and that's what you want when in comes to monetizing your audience.

What if I don't have that type of audience?

Then you have that in common with lots of people who want to monetize their Twitter audiences. For now, you should focus on providing value to the audience you do have, and interacting with the community interested in your niche on Twitter.

How to monetize your Twitter audience

If you've put in the time and effort to build up a sizeable, high quality audience on Twitter, here are a few ways you can monetize that audience:

1. Digital products

Ebooks, PDFs, courses, and cohort courses are great ways to leverage your Twitter audience. You can connect your audience to high value digital products easily. If you write out a thread about a topic and its nuances, plug your product at the end of the thread and your most engaged users will funnel to your sales page.


Software as a service apps solve problems. Often, those problems will be shared by an online community. Embed yourself into this community on Twitter and you'll find a valuable audience to get feature ideas from. You can solicit product feedback as well, and address customer's concerns directly. Showing your audience you're invested in their challenges, and solving them, is a surefire way to gain trust amongst your followers.

3. Blog

If you have a blog with high traffic, you can make a decent pay day from advertisers and affiliate links. If you setup your site content to feed those avenues and then use your Twitter account to interact with your audience, participate in your niche community, and drive traffic to your blog, you have a winning combination.

4. Coaching

If you're positioned on Twitter as a professional with a high trust audience, you can leverage that and offer your time for 1 on 1 coaching for a fee. If your experience can help someone grow their business, get a better salary, or grow their own audience, you have a great value proposition for your audience on Twitter.

5. Email list

One of the best long term plays on Twitter is to use it to fuel a growing email list. Whether this is for a newsletter, blog, or direct updates to your audience, an email list outside of Twitter protects you from platform risk while capturing connections with your biggest fans. Newsletters themselves can be paid and generate monthly revenue. If your newsletter and Twitter account are both targeting the same niche, you can really double down and become a valuable player in your online community. An email list is the highest quality audience you can cultivate.


There are so many ways to get creative and monetize your Twitter audience. The biggest factor to your success doing this is the quality of your following. Do they trust you? Do you consistently give them valuable content? If so, consider moving to create a product or service you can offer them in exchange for this valuable content.