7 Tips To Get More Engagement On Your Tweets

November, 2022

There are some simple things you can do to drive engagement on your tweets. Whether you're a personal account or trying to grow a brand, growing on Twitter will help you monetize, or simply improve your own experience on the platform.

While having a large audience seems like the goal to some, we really want to be focused on improving the quality of our audience. A high quality audience has higher levels of consistent engagements. There are accounts that have millions of followers, sometimes due to the status of the user (actors, for example), and yet their tweets only have a few likes. That's not the ratio of a high quality audience.

A more engaged audience is more valuable because your audience will see your content more often, and others will see their engagements on your content. This spreads your reach even further. The ultimate goal will be to either monetize in some way, or to create a thriving community, or both!

Here are 7 tips to get more engagement on Twitter:

1. Stay relevant by talking about current topics

Twitter is ephemeral. Current events can drive huge amounts of traffic and engagement through hashtags and participating in the global conversation. These come and go, and aren't necessarily a good basis for evergreen content. However, embedding yourself in the conversation will help people discover you. Then they can stick around for more of your regular content if they like your profile.

2. Use hashtags and tagging

Tagging people or topics helps your tweet get discovered by those interested in that topic or person. Some hashtags are associated with communities. Find the online communities that align with your interests, and what you tweet about. Use their hashtags to help those people discover you.

3. Be visual

You can communicate a lot of information quickly with a good photo or gif. Your tweet only has a few seconds of viewing time on someone's home timeline, so visual content has a better chance of grabbing someone's attention. Graphs are great for showing growth or trends at a glance. Gifs and photos are great for showing memes which complement your thoughts.

4. Stay engaged in your niche

Being an active member of your community online pays dividends. People begin to recognize you, relate to you, and interact with you. Being known as a knowledgeable or valuable member of a community positions you to leverage those relationships in the future. Whether that's through engagement in your own tweets or monetizing your audience.

5. Be authentic to be compelling

Tweet just like you would speak to your friend, or how you speak to yourself in your head. People want to see authentic content, and that means letting go of the filter a little bit. Trust yourself, and put it all out there.

6. Tweet routinely

The best way to learn a skill is repetition. The best way to produce high quality content is to attempt to do it consistently. It might stretch your creativity, but generally volume of tweets influences your number of profile visits and follows. The more you tweet, the more chance your audience has to view your content and engage with it.

7. Reply to high follower accounts in your niche

Leveraging the audiences of other well known accounts is smart. You can embed yourself in their viewership and get more eyeballs on your tweets. If you provide value to their audience, they will check out your profile and engage in your content. It's an effective way to grow when you're just starting out.

I hope these tips help you get more involved in the Twitter community. Getting feedback from your audience is one of the key signals for discovering which content they respond to. If this article was useful, please consider following me on Twitter @averywlittle. I'd love to hear your thoughts or about your journey!